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Features PREWALL
License pricing FREE $0
Email Support
Web Interface
State of the art UX that you’ll using
Dashboard to get a birds eye view of your full network
Simple status monitoring for all Systems and Services
Alerts Feeds to make sure all events are reported as they happen
Graphs that make usage, policies and reports easy to understand & share
Content Filter
Comprehensive functionality for robust content filtering.
Rule-based content filtering for Websites / URLs.
Rule-based content filtering for Files & File Patterns.
Rule-based content filtering for Keywords.
Rule-based content filtering for IP Addresses & Ports.
Rule-based content filtering for Browsers.
Pre-built policy & rule templates for social networks, chats, online music etc.
Time-based policy management for Users as well as Content.
Time quota-based policy management for Users and Content.
Block HTTP and HTTPS traffic with rules.
Security & Intrusion Prevention
Robust Gateway Antivirus to prevent virus attacks.
Complete protection against all known Malwares. Automatically updated to the latest.
Comprehensive Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to fight against unwanted network intrusion.
Customized signatures for Intrusion Prevention is supported.
Create and manage IP Table rules.
Block traffic by Country based on IP address ranges.
Protection against Port Scanning & other Port-based Services.
Auto update URL Block List.
Policy Management
Rule-based policy creation & management for Users.
Rule-based policy creation & management for User Groups.
Rule-based policy creation & management for Time & Time Quotas.
Option to bypass or override specific Content Filter Rules.
”Block All” override policy mode for web traffic.
”Allow All” override policy mode for web traffic.
Bandwidth Management
Simple yet comprehensive rule-based bandwidth allocation & management.
Allocate bandwidth based on Users.
Allocate bandwidth based on Applications.
Rule-based allocation of bandwidth based on ”Fixed Split” or ”Percentage Split”.
Rule-based bandwidth allocation for Web Traffic.
Instantly identify users or applications or websites that are consuming more than allocated bandwidth.
Network Management
Quick & easy Network Configuration with a setup wizard for customized configuration.
DHCP Server with MAC-based lease option.
Supports Static DHCP and PPoE ISP connections.
Forward DNS Service supported with caching.
Port Mapping with IP Address aliases.
Support for Multiple LAN within the same network.
VoIP Server and service management.
Torrent event detection & blocking as needed.
Remote Connectivity
OpenVPN Server with quick and easy web interface for VPN client management.
Site-to-Site VPN client support.

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